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Leaf & tobacco processing

Cigar markets of Jamaica and Barbados

22 Feb 2021. The reputation of the Caribbean’s major cigar production centres – Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua – has dominated global markets for years. The entire region’s balmy and moist climate and rich soils are ideal for growing cigar wrapper and filler leaf. So manufacturers in the English-speaking Caribbean have long scrapped for sales with these Spanish-speaking competitors, and they are still fighting.
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Multiple challenges for tobacco growers

22 Feb 2021. International Tobacco Growers‘ Association (ITGA) 35th Annual General Meeting (AGM) marked a pivotal moment for the organisation. Due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19, the mode of interaction had to change significantly. For the first time in history, the AGM was held in a fully digital environment.
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Bolstering the Balkan brand

22 Feb 2021. Aroma is the hallmark of Oriental tobacco, but aroma on its own is not enough to qualify a tobacco leaf as Classical Oriental in origin. In strict terms, Classical Oriental is a select tobacco variety grown in the dry sunny climate and lean, mean soils where the Balkans meet Turkey, and with a history going back some 400 years.
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Trading up

22 Feb 2021. Oriental tobacco is highly aromatic and the perfect blending component for cigarettes - making it a very popular variety. Director Franz Szoncsitz from tobacco trading company SilverSun gives TJI an insight into the history of Oriental tobacco and takes a look at its future.
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A rocky year for Oriental

22 Feb 2021. Growers of Classical Oriental tobacco are a hardy bunch. Those that continue to cultivate the small aromatic leaf have survived a turbulent decade and a half in which huge numbers of fellow farmers abandoned it for good as the market shrank considerably. In a year in which the pandemic paralyzed many major economies, how did this small but mighty sector cope?
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